Busy long weekend…

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On Saturday I went to the beach to feel the sand and the water; on Sunday I went to the golf course to swing my clubs and today I went to the tennis courts to swing my racquet. It was a beautiful sunny day and nobody was playing tennis. We felt like it was our own private club. We did not play for very long because I was trying my new Head Revolt Pro 3.0 Tennis Shoes that I purchased at the end of last year after I wore through my old tennis shoes.

There was no getting around the fact that a racquet and a ball are both necessary to play tennis, unlike golf where I could rent both. I have never rented a tennis racquet or balls, some all-inclusive resorts will lend you a very old wooden racquet and some very used balls. I have played with my Head Ti S2 Tennis Racquet and Penn Tennis Balls for the past 10 years, I have been playing tennis for over 50 years. Last year when I purchased my new tennis shoes I started looking at new racquets.

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