Each beach was so different…

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We did it! We explored four beaches on three lakes all within a two hour drive, one north, one south, one east and one west. We found each experience so different and yet we went to each beach at the same time on a Saturday.

Beach access was free for all four beaches on all three lakes. Parking was free for Lake Ontario and Lake Erie beaches, Lake Huron beaches charged for parking. All beaches were sandy and shallow, Lake Ontario was cold and quiet but that was three weeks ago so now it may be warmer and busier. Lake Huron was cold and quiet as well, but again, that was two weeks ago so now it may be warmer and busier. Lake Erie was cold and busy and that was one week ago. Lake Huron was warm and busy.

Every group on each beach needed beach bags, coolers, towels, beach chairs and most important, shade. We saw a lot of beach umbrellas, beach tentsfamily tents set-up all over the beaches. The beach umbrellas  provided UPF 50+ protection. The beach tents were pop up tents that opened in one second, were waterproof and provided UPF 50+ protection. The family tents were easy to set-up and used mostly for a place for children to sleep or for storage.  

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