I found out the hard way…

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We were living in Santa Cruz, Trinidad one summer while my daughter worked for former Olympian Michael Phillips. We were working on press releases, media interviews, social media posts and special events. We were offered the opportunity to participate in the 15th Annual Massy Rainbow Cup International Triathlon in Tobago. We accepted and flew to Tobago the next day.     

We worked around the clock assisting with clean-up, set-up, pictures and posting on social media. It took a full week to prepare for the one day event, not to mention the full year of planning and organizing by the Triathlon Committee.  We met people from all over the world, the islands plus the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and Canada. It was exciting to meet our Canadian team.


When we returned to Canada, I started to train for my first Try-A-Tri. How difficult could it be? I can ride 20 kilometers, swim 1 kilometer and run at least 5 kilometres. The distances were not the challenge. Since the Try-A-Tri is 375 metre swim, 10 kilometre bike and 2.5 kilometre run, the challenge for me was hydration during training.

Swimming, cycling or running each day I could manage. When I combined the 2 or 3 sports I was not able to hydrate and got really sick with stroke like symptoms. I went to my local pharmacy and they gave me Hydralyte clinically balanced electrolyte tablets to help the body's cells rapidly absorb fluids for rehydration with 75% Less Sugar and 4 times more electrolytes than leading sports drinks.


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