Not all pots are the same…

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My daughter and I are writing a Hungarian Cookbook so we are cooking and baking recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Each week we decide on one recipe for baking and one recipe for cooking.

Last week we made chicken paprikash and kiflies, this week we are making cabbage rolls and donuts. We review recipes, decide on what we want, purchase the ingredients, follow the recipe, videotape and photograph before, during and a after and document for the cookbook.

The biggest challenge for us is finding great pots. Let me tell you, not all pots are the same. We need a Stainless Steel Pot  that we can saute onions, simmer soups and stews, heat, refrigerate, reheat and wash for the next recipe.

We found this Stainless Steel Pot  by GOURMEX. It is an induction casserole, glass lid with interior measurement markings, safe with all heat sources, dishwasher safe, oven safe with stay-cool handles riveted on to the pot and is 100% guaranteed.

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