This is the most refreshing beverage…

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After a day of golf in the hot sun I was looking for a refreshing beverage that would quench my thirst and I found one. We tested many recipes and altered many recipes to suit our tastes. We tried water, soda, sports drinks, fruit juices, fruit smoothies, as well as traditional cocktails.

We ended up liking Jamaican Rum Punch the best. We combined equal parts of grenadine and lime juice with equal parts of dark rum, pineapple juice and orange juice, added ice and garnished with pineapple and a cherry. This beverage is refreshing with or without the dark rum.    

Check out the MOST POPULAR COCKTAILS in this book.  We used this Cocktail Shaker Set to make the cocktails. We always used the original recipe first and then altered the measurements to suit our tastes. We documented all of the measurements to create new recipes for our future consumption. Enjoy!


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