Today I tried seven different yoga poses to open my seven chakras…

 While completing research for my next eCourse, Energize To Monetize, I took a deeper dive into yoga to learn the seven different yoga poses to open up my seven chakras. Learned is a stretch, tried is a more accurate description. This ancient Indian practice however complex creates the most positive energy flow in the least amount of time. 

The seven yoga poses are: Warrior I for your root chakra; Bound angle pose for your sacral chakra; Boat pose for your solar plexus chakra; Camel pose for your heart chakra; Fish pose for your throat chakra; Child’s pose for your third-eye chakra; and Headstand for your crown chakra.

Yoga is part of my daily routine but I do not practice all of the poses everyday. I was able to complete Warrior 1, Bound angle, Boat, Fish, Child’s pose and Headstand, the Camel pose, not so much. I will have to work on it. Camel pose is for the heart chakra representing emotional freedom, compassion, empathy, social relationships and love. Hmmm? Insight!

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