What do you need to pack for your next roadtrip?

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I love to meet new people, travel to new places and experience new cultures. I love to feel the beat of the music and the energy of people having fun, loving life.

But how do you prepare for anything and everything?

Get a trunk organizer  for your booster cables, first aid kit, flash light, wiper fluid, blankets, pillows, umbrella, chairs and table. Fill your console or glovebox with tissues, wipes, pens, chargers and utensils. Place your cooler pack and purse behind the passenger seat so you can reach them. Place your change of clothes, bikini, towels and suntan lotion in a separate bag behind the driver’s seat just in case you need to grab a sweatshirt. 

When I am driving, I like the car to be free of clutter so I can relax and focus on the road and yet I am comforted knowing that all of my essentials are within reach.

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