Where do I start?

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I just moved into my new place and everything is a mess! How am I going to organize all of my belongings in my new place? Do I even want to keep all of my belongings? Where do I start? Which room is first? What do I need to do?

Well, I need a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and laundry so I will organize these rooms first.  I will remove everything from the room and only replace the items I need to use. Next I will organize the items that belong in that room for ease of use. In my bedroom, I set-up the bed, placed my lamps on the night tables, placed my clothes in the dresser and hung my clothes in the closet. I purchased a plastic storage drawer organizer for off season clothing and shoes.

Now what about the washroom?  I placed my towels on the counter and my supplies in boxes on the floor. As I used each item, I placed them in a cosmetic organizer on the counter. What about the kitchen? I organize my kitchen based on need. I like my tea kettle close to the sink, so the tea cups and tea need to be in a cupboard close to the sink. I like my toaster oven close to the stove, so the pots, pans, plates, bowls, cutlery and utensils need to be in a cupboard close to the stove. The most important tip for organizing the kitchen is to place everything in categories and into a clear plastic storage organizer bin. I need to see what I have and where it is, so I can access it when I need it.

The laundry room also needs attention. In addition to the washer and dryer, I also use laundry soap, wash basins, drying racks and plastic hangers.  I purchased a laundry room rolling organizer  to hold all of my supplies, it’s perfect and I can move it wherever I need to use it!

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