Working on our Hungarian cookbook…

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My daughter and I are working on our Matyas Hungarian Cookbook. We are baking and cooking recipes passed down through the generations. We document, photograph and videotape each recipe since grandma never measured she only went by texture. We are translating Hungarian notes into measurable quantities.   

Today’s experiment: kiflies, delicate crescent shaped pastry cookies with walnut, poppyseed, plum jam or apricot jam filling. The recipe is simple, mix the ingredients like pie dough, refrigerate overnight, roll out dough, cut into triangles, place filling in the centre, roll into crescents and bake for 25 minutes.

The most important factor for success in the making of the kilfies is the baking of the kiflies. We use T-fal AirBake Cookie Sheets to ensure even heat distribution for better browning without burning and they decrease bake times by up to 15% saving time and money. My sister was an Executive Chef and bought them for me years ago.

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