Diane Matyas

A Performance Guide To Personal & Professional Excellence

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A Performance Guide is a documentary of my journey from dreaming about the life that I wanted and would actualize, to breaking down into small steps, the process I took every day to make it a reality.

I discovered that simple consistent actions, like taking a short walk, drinking a glass of water, making a few phone calls or meeting a couple of people, every day, generated the best results.

Once I realized the interconnectedness as well as the individuality of the spiritual, mental and physical energy systems, I was able to utilize self-care strategies to fuel each entity and support its cyclical nature.    

Step 1 Spiritual Energy System-Vibration & Passion

I feel the vibe. I experience the energy of people and places. In order to stay in the zone or in a state of optimal vibration, I participate in activities that I am passionate about, every day.

My favourite activities are movement and music. Both facilitate immediate emotional shifts for me to enter into the zone and enable me to live with passion.        

Step 2 Mental Energy System-Vision & Decision

I use my mind to form pictures not yet present to my senses. I design my future in my dreams, like a new product, a new vehicle or a new home. I see what I want before it exists.   

My decision is made when my mind transitions from abstract to concrete, from mental to physical, from dream to reality, when I feel the vibe and I know.     

Step 3 Physical Energy System-Action & Celebration

Action is the movement required to make a dream, a reality. It is my responsibility to live every day in the zone, balancing relaxation, nutrition, fitness and sleep in order to optimize my performance. 

I celebrate everyday by participating in activities that I feel passionate about. I am a multisport athlete and love to move my body, challenge my mind and strengthen my spirit.