Do I really need private health insurance?

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As an entrepreneur I am responsible for my own health insurance.  Yes, we have a provincial government health insurance plan but is it enough?  The province pays for many of the health services, including appointments with your family doctor, visits to walk-in clinics and some other health care providers, visits to an emergency room, medical tests and surgeries.

What about prescriptions, dental, vision and any other product or service that I might need one day? Does health insurance cover everything? I currently pay $250 per month for health insurance and I have no health issues.  The insurance company increases my rate whenever it wants to and removes coverage for any products and services whenever it wants to.

The last notification indicated that it will no longer cover vaccines or medicines, over the counter drugs, the cost of giving injections, serums and vaccines, pandemic screening tests or any drugs administered in a hospital. I called the company and they did not know what prescriptions they cover, nor did they know under which, if any conditions, any prescriptions are covered, any more.     

Is it worth it for me to pay $250 per month for dental and vision? That’s $3000 to get my teeth checked twice a year for $500 (2 X $250) and prescription glasses $125 ($250 every 2 years). What if I require dental work (my coverage is $1200)? Is it cheaper for me to pay out of pocket? Are there other products and services covered that I am not even aware of?  Want answers? Read this Navigating Traps & Gaps.


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