About DNA Everyday

Diane N Alex

Mother-daughter POWER TEAM

Founders, DNA Everyday


Award-winning entrepreneurs integrating technology to help people everyday.


Diane earned a degree in physical education, National Coaching Certification through the Coaching Association of Canada and leadership awards for her contribution to her community and the global impact of her message.


Diane published her first book on Performance in 1998 and is credited with being the first woman in Canada to independently execute an international book promotion tour and media campaign simultaneously. Her book became a national bestseller and was featured in the media across North America, the Caribbean and Europe.


Alex earned a degree in mechatronics engineering, global intercultural engagement honour and global entrepreneurship honour. Experienced in the design, development and manufacturing of wearables, vehicles and robots, Alex is currently pursuing her Professional Engineering Licence with Professional Engineers of Ontario.


Together they represented Canada on trade missions, presented to Olympic Committees and at MEMS Tour, Medical Sensors, Sensors, Consumer Electronics Show, Sports Analytics World Series, Future Innovation Sport Technology. Their story has been featured in media outlets around the world as well as in the Concussion Documentary by Protocol Sports Marketing.


They are multisport athletes, world travellers and innovators leading the research, design, development and manufacturing of new products into the marketplace to solve global challenges.


Together they inspire the world with their vision.