How do you know if the space you are living in is right for you?

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How do you know if the space you are living in is right for you?  I know that the space I am living in is right for me because it matches my vibe. When I enter the house it immediately delivers what I need, a welcoming foyer painted in a relaxing cool grey tone, high ceilings with elegant crown molding, a powder room and a kitchen with a walkout to a beautiful patio.

I have the option of cooking in the kitchen, relaxing in front of the fireplace or heading to my office to create. The kitchen is in the centre of the house so I can easily work on my cookbook and have access to my studio for pictures and video and entertain in the great room. The bedrooms are upstairs completely separated from my work space giving me a private space.     

How did I create this space? First, I found a house with this floorplan; second, I painted the walls grey and the ceiling and crown molding white; third, I organized my belongings and made use of an extra bedroom for collectables; fourth, everything else I sold, donated or dumped.

How did I decide on what to sell, donate and dump?  It is really easy to decide if you do not care about a particular item. If it looks like garbage, throw it away. If it is in good shape donate it. If it is in great shape and of value, sell it. Selling takes time to post pictures and communicate with potential buyers.

It is more difficult to decide to sell, donate or dump when you care about an item. We placed all of our collectables in our spare room in clear storage totes. Each week when we clean the room, we look in the 85 liter clear plastic storage boxes  and reassess. Do we really want these items?    



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