It was a hot one out there today...

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We went to the beach again today. This time we headed south to another lake. The drive was about 90 minutes, but it was a hot one. Our food and drinks did not stay cool, we did not have a proper cooler we simply placed our refreshments in our beach bags and expected them to stay cool. They did not.

When we returned home we went shopping for cooler bags. We found a Coleman 24 Hour, 16 Can Cooler that we liked. It is a good size for a day at the beach, it has 24 hour ice retention and it is easy for us to carry since it is slender and not square shaped.

We found the Coleman 24 Hour, 30 Can Cooler if you need a larger cooler. The smaller 16 can cooler works best for us. The beaches are getting busier as the weather is getting hotter and we have to walk quite a distance to from the parking lots with our beach bags, chairs and coolers.



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