Off to the beach again…

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We are checking out another beach tomorrow. We packed our bikinis, towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats and chairs, now it’s time to plan the snacks, the most important part of every trip to the beach. We love our snacks, but which snacks are best for the beach?

Our favourites are sweet and salty so we go for the fruit and chips, namely apples, grapes and bananas and potato, plantain and root vegetable chips.  If we are really organized we will bake cookies or squares. This week we are packing apples, root vegetable chips and oatmeal squares.

Now for the packaging…we have learned that placing these items in bags does not work. The fruit bruises and the chips and cookies break. We tried the takeout restaurant containers but after a few uses the containers no longer seal. We found Ziploc To Go Storage Containers to be the best solution.



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