Ultimate Travel Amazon Haul

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This Ultimate Travel Amazon Haul will take the stress out of packing, airport struggles and plane comfort.
Nowadays, you need to bring a portable water bottle or tumbler for drinks anywhere you go. Vacation, business, camping, get yourself an insulated tumbler that you can sport for any drinks. 
As a messy person, these packing cubes are a savior. Toss your clothes or shoes in these bags and make your life easier. Separate your clean clothes from the rest.
Whether you are clumsy or like to hang out in the pool, protect your phone. Smartphones are way to expensive to deal with water damage or even salt damage.
With less in-flight entertainment options for short haul flights, get yourself any type of cellphone holder so you dont have to hold up a phone for your 2-3 hour movie. This holder may work for you. If not, there are others suggested in the link provided.
Dont hurt or strain your neck especially when travelling, it will ruin your experience. Get this pillow or any pillow thats comfy for your neck or some type of support. Some pillows even clip onto bags or reverse into regular pillows. You can also empty the stuffing and replace with clothes for more storage.
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