Use these strategies to get up in the morning…

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When I need to get up in the morning and I am struggling, I change my routine. If I do not feel steady on my feet first thing in the morning, I will not shower first. I complete other tasks until my body feels more stable, like drink water, stretch or practise Spanish.

Most days I wake up and jump out of bed and head for the bathroom ready to start my routine. Some days however, it is more of a challenge. As a multisport athlete I am constantly changing sports and muscle groups and my body needs help to recover.

This is my go to product, Vega Sport Post-Workout Recovery Accelerator . It reduces inflammation and relieves joint pain. It is vegan, non-dairy, gluten free, non GMO made with carbohydrates, electrolytes and B vitamins. It helps replenish glycogen stores so I am ready to go again.

The day after my first round of golf my hands, arms and back were sore from my golf grip, follow through and finish position. I thought that between my yoga, tennis and cycling I would be stretched out, I was not, I was so grateful for Vega! 


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