What makes your birthday special for you?

Celebrating another year of life? Happy birthday! What makes your birthday special for you? Do you enjoy receiving calls, texts, emails and posts? Are you a shop online and wait for the delivery, type of person? Maybe you enjoy celebrating with other people? Do you prefer going out to a restaurant? What about going to a party at someone’s home? Maybe you prefer to try something new or travel to a new destination?    

Celebrating a birthday is very personal. I prefer to be alone. I want to be authentic and do what makes me happy and I require solitude to create the head space to make it happen. I want to go where I want to go, eat what I want to eat, even if that means I bake or buy my own cake, flowers and gifts. I totally appreciate the calls, texts, emails and posts and always welcome food, flowers and gifts but I want to decide on how I want to spend each second of my special day.



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